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In the spring of 1984, Barron H. Harvey, of Howard University, convened a meeting with a group of representatives nominated by their colleges and universities and a research forum was proposed for the 1985-1986 academic year.  The representatives were from the Consortium of Universities which included the following: American University, Catholic University of America, Gallaudet College, Georgetown University, Howard University, University of Maryland – College Park, and the University of the District of Columbia. 


These schools -- and their respective representatives from the Research Committee -- aim to:


  • Encourage research within and among Consortium business faculty;

  • Encourage joint research (institutional and faculty) and promote the sharing or pertinent information on research in the area of business;

  • Host a research forum once a year at a Consortium university or college where papers and research ideas will be presented and discussed; and

  • Publish the proceedings of the research forum, including abstracts of papers presented.


Since 1985 there have been annual forums hosted by a variety of member universities and colleges.  The current representatives from the Consortium of universities include the following:

Howard University

Dr. Barron Harvey


Howard University

Dr. Narendra Rustagi

Marymount University

Dr. Behnaz Quigley

University of Maryland

Dr. Lawrence M. Lossen


In 2007 the Washington Consortium School of Business Research Committee expanded participation in its annual research forum to universities and colleges beyond Washington, D.C.  The organization was renamed the Annual Washington Business Research Forum (WBRF) and hosted its inaugural forum on January 4-5, 2008 in Arlington, Virginia. 


In 2010, the Annual Washington Research Forum entered into a partnership with the National HBCU Business Deans Roundtable to financially support and encourage the faculty of member schools to both attend the forum and present their research. 


In 2010 the Annual Washington Business forum inaugurated the Washington Business Research Journal.

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